Lab Director

Our client, a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative, customized chemical products since 1963, is seeking a Lab Director to join their team. With decades of experience and expertise in parallel technologies and custom product development methodology, they are the partner of choice for public and private sector organizations and OEMs nationwide. The Lab Director is responsible for all activity in the lab including but not limited to Product Quality Control, Research & Development, Scale-up to Production and Chemical Compliance and Reporting for Local, State, and Federal regulation, as well as justification for all marketing claims related to technical attributes. The Lab Director is uniquely positioned to control the quality of raw materials being received, quality of the finished products meeting the QC requirements, and the manner in which the products are manufactured during the Scale-up  Procedure. The Lab Director will accomplish this by working with the Operations Officer, Sales Manager, and Chemical Operators in compliance with the company Management System.


Maintain quality control on all inbound raw materials, and on all in progress, and finished products.

Calibration of all in-service lab equipment and documentation of calibration.

Maintain all QC records in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices in accordance with company Quality Manual.

Training and certifying Production Manager for all QC lab equipment.

Maintain Reference Sample cataloging and shelf tests, including monitoring over time.

Maintain all retain samples for minimum of 2 years and dispose of retain samples in accordance with SOP noting any changes in product from storage prior to disposal.

Conduct and approve or quarantine finished products based on required Quality Control Reference Sample check SOP and specific quality control procedures that are product specific on Manufacturing Report.

Update and maintain Statement of Works within SharePoint Lab Work Instructions.

Review of all supplier COA to confirm the product is in specification, with sign-off.

Auditing of raw materials files ensuring all SDS, COA, and master specification are up to date and present.

Ensure all Chemical Operators manufacture in accordance with Manufacturing Report directions and specifications through training and communication with Chemist Level II.

Generate SDS in accordance with GHS standards for all finished products.

Bulk truck QC samples taken from tank and hose, for lab analysis prior to unloading.

Provide research support to Chemist Level II and Sales Support.

Must be able to generate accurate Lab Reports in professional format. Initiate SCARs and CAPAs through resolution with Project Manager.

Approve all marketing material claims.

Audit Manufacturing reports for all acknowledgement sign-offs of Chemical Operators.

Notify Lab Coordinator and Operations officer of all non-conformances.

Be able to review and audit specifications.


Must have management experience in a lab environment with the ability to coach in regards to projects and controls in a lab / QA environment.