Affiliate Partnerships

Executive Search Consultants engage with other affiliate organizations. EBC Associates is pleased to announce the addition of the following partnerships to join the EBC family and lend their expertise to our clients.

Our list of strategic partnerships is always growing.

Ripple Crew is a team of software developers who have changed the way working professionals give and receive constructive evaluations. Their values around self-improvement are our own, and EBC Associates is honored to work alongside a group of innovators so dedicated to such an important cause.

The Globally Conscious Leader. The GCL is a leader development program with two important differences from other programs. In addition to learning classical leadership tools and techniques, participants will: collectively think about how to respond to global existential imperatives from their organization, and appraise their personal development along their own life’s journey

John Lamy, Leader Development Management Consulting

Steve Rice, Advisor & Advisory Board Developer