Manager, Marketing & Communications


Promote the benefits and value of the company brand to all operating companies, and work closely with the executives on marketing and communication initiatives to further build their businesses. Manage, strengthen, and build relationships with executives and staff. Help manage the company brand, as well as the Op Co brands.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Strategizing and Creating Tailored Marketing Plans
  • Collaborate, strategize, and work with Sr. Executives and key staff on tailored marketing plans that support business growth, address challenges, and counter clients/industry questions or doubts about their stability during these economic times
  • Manage, strengthen and develop relationships with Sr. Executives and staff
  • Total project management, ongoing communication with Op Cos and marketing team to ensure delivery and execution of marketing plans
  • Produce a myriad of marketing materials, including cost effective/guerilla marketing solutions, and PR programs that targets well-known national trade publications for Op Co coverage, etc.
  • Direct and work with in-house and outside designers, writers and agencies, review and edit all marketing materials, work with PR agency to execute tailored PR programs
  • Management of the Brand:
  • Management corporate brand,
    as well as the 75 Op Co brands

    Create and
    provide logos to all companies/divisions, etc. Create, provide and work
    with Op Cos and vendors on proper application of vehicle branding/specs,
    building sign graphics, stationery, give-aways, etc. Ongoing direction provided
    to Divisions/Op Cos on brand usage and design.

    development and management of Brand Services, an online ordering system tailored for the company. Brand Services: a brand management tool that provides
    standardization across the companies further supporting the brand, simplifies
    the ordering process /saving time on the purchasing process, and offers
    significant cost savings.

    Marketing, Corp. Departments, & Op Co Training and Support:

  • Assure compliance and
    provide direction to all companies on appropriate name usage and brand application,
    as well as working with legal on the same prior to any filings
    • Provide direction and ongoing support to the marketing team as projects or challenges occur.
    • Work with and provide marketing direction and support to all Departments and Core Divisions – ie HR, Safety, Mechanical Services, etc.
    • Provide support, as needed and directed, for company sponsorship and/or donation/employee donation programs.
    • Provide support for the Marketing Department’s increased focus on Corporate and Op Co initiatives in the area of online marketing, sales support, and other forms of marketing that expand the historic and traditional scope of the Marketing Department.
  • Requirements:

    B.A./B.S. preferred

    5 years experience

    Proven ability to direct and manage personnel and consultants,
    multi-task, and manage multiple projects at one time in a very fast-paced

    Must have excellent organizational and follow-through skills

    Must posses strong leadership skills

    Must be creative and possess problem solving skills

    Must be a team player, possess high energy and exhibit a positive

    Must be able to provide editorial direction, art direction and
    articulate concepts and ideas. Knowledge
    of design and print is essential

    Fluent in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Lotus Notes. Must have excellent verbal and written communications skills, as well as
    editorial skills