7 Things Job Seekers Do That Immediately Turn Employers Off

First impressions matter. This is especially true during your job search. Regardless of qualifications, candidates who appear unprofessional in any way will likely be passed over by recruiters.

Therefore, it’s important that you’re careful to make a good impression in every aspect of your communications, including written, telephone and in person. Avoid these common issues that instantly turn employers off.

1. Voice Mail Box That’s Full
One of the most annoying things to a potential employer is reaching a full voice mail box. You should always be ready to receive that important call requesting a job interview. If a recruiter is unable to leave a message, they will view you as a candidate who is unprepared and one who doesn’t place emphasis on landing a job with their company.

2. Inappropriate Voice Mail Greeting
When employers do reach your voice mail, they receive a first impression of you. Don’t give them a reason to think you’re anything but a mature professional. Your voicemail greeting should offer the same kind of competent impression you would want to show in an interview.

3. Answering the Telephone Rudely
As with your voice mail greeting, you should always answer your phone as if you are expecting a potential employer to be on the other end. Answering rudely or in an immature way will probably lead them to believe you’re not the right candidate for the job.

4. Errors in Your Written Communications
You should always proofread anything you write for a potential employer whether it’s your cover letter, resume or even just an email. Misspellings and grammatical errors give the impression that you will be a careless employee.

5. Failing to Read the Job Description
A big mistake job seekers make is sending the same cover letter and resume to every position for which they apply. Hiring agents recognize this right away and will discount you as a professional who pays attention to detail. You should always make every communication unique to the position and be sure to follow specific instructions given in the job listing. Tailor your application materials to include language that demonstrates your qualifications for that particular job. Otherwise you face the risk of rejection.

6. Resumes Filled With Fluff
A resume stuffed with overly used phrases and too many buzzwords is an immediate turnoff to recruiters. They read dozens of application materials and tire of seeing the same boring language used by multiple applicants. Stand out from the crowd by using concise wording that demonstrates your accomplishments in specific terms. Give concrete examples of ways you have provided value in past positions. Employers are impressed when you show them evidence of your qualifications.

7. Inability to Communicate Well
When you do make it to the interview stage, don’t blow it by demonstrating poor verbal communication skills. Stay alert and be enthusiastic throughout the interview. Give the interviewer your full attention, being ready to answer every question they throw your way. Have a list of questions ready in order to demonstrate your interest in the company and in the specific position. The interview is your chance to shine. Don’t blow it through poor communication skills.When you know the things that annoy employers most, you can better prepare to ace every stage of the job search. Professional communication makes all the difference when it comes to getting the position of your dreams.