Don’t Rule Out a Small Company for Career Growth Opportunities

You’re full of ambition. You’ve worked hard to learn the ins and outs of your field, and you’re ready to find a position that offers vast growth potential. So why would you even want to consider a small company where the opportunities for advancement are limited due to its size? You may not want to be so quick to rule out a small company for career growth opportunities, though. Take a look at these ways to find a small employer with big opportunities to get ahead. 

Find a Firm With Expansion Potential

It’s true that some small businesses will always remain static in their size. Many business owners have no plans for expansion and are satisfied with their current operations. However, if you are inquisitive and observant, you may be able to glean some clues that a company of interest has the potential to become big. Consider the industry, first and foremost. If there are signs of industry growth, it’s more likely this company may expand along with the trends. It’s also a wise idea to simply ask interviewers where they see the company going in the future. This shows initiative on your part. In addition, you can glean insight by noticing whether there is excitement in the answer or if the response is lukewarm at best. These clues can tell you whether a position is worth pursuing or if it seems like it would lead to a dead end. 

Be Proactive and Demonstrate Your Worth

In any new position, it’s always a good idea to show initiative in order to impress the boss. This is even more crucial in a small business. Career path organization is often not as structure in a tiny company. Things tend to be a bit more laid back. This can be advantageous for a go-getter like yourself. Chances are good that your job description may include a wider variety of duties than at companies that are more structured, and some may see this as a disadvantage. For someone looking to get ahead, it’s actually quite the boon. You’ll have ample opportunity to show your stuff and impress superiors with your skills and critical thought. Because the road to advancement is a bit less defined in a small business, you never know where your proactive attitude might take you. 

Consider a Mentor

Another way to achieve growth in any new job is through finding a mentor. At a small company, a mentor can be particularly invaluable to your success. So don’t rule out a startup right away if it seems possible to obtain learning opportunities within its ranks. Be open and talk freely with those at the interview. Ask about collaborative efforts within the organization and try to get a feel for whether this employer encourages an atmosphere of shared growth. The potential for obtaining a mentor can open a great number of doors for someone just starting out at a small business. 

Have Realistic Expectations

It’s important to assess your true expectations and goals before accepting a position at a smaller firm. For example, if you know that moving up the corporate ladder is important to you, it simply may not be wise to take a job with a tiny company of only 10 employees. Another red flag to watch out for is the family business. Generally speaking, your chances of being promoted before a member of the clan is not all that high. Thus, you’ll need to take time to weigh the pros and cons of jumping on board with such organizations. It may be well worth your while if your immediate goal is gaining experience and making some waves in a small pond, with plans of moving on from there. If you’re looking to position yourself in a company with which you can grow and remain for a long period of time, it could be wise to check out larger corporations or at least smaller ones with signs of growth potential.

These suggestions should give you food for thought when it comes to making a decision that works for you. Taking time to assess your goals and to think strategically about employment possibilities will help to ensure your satisfaction in the long run. There are possibilities for career growth with small companies. You just have to be smart about looking for them. 

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