How to hire people you'll want to promote

How to hire people you’ll want to promote

Hiring new employees satisfies a short-term need, but employers can also make a long-term investment by seeking out individuals who are driven and ready to grow with the organization.

Look for adaptability

Candidates who can provide examples of flexible thinking and a willingness to adapt to new situations may be better suited to changing roles. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, adaptable people are resilient and able to adjust to uncertainty under stress. In other words, this type of person remains calm when moving outside of his or her comfort zone.

An easy way to measure adaptability during the interview process is to ask for specific examples from the candidate's work history. For instance, you could ask about a time when the candidate needed to learn a new skill quickly or perform a task outside of his or her job description. Candidates who can articulate not only how they adapted, but also the strategies they employed throughout that process may be well suited to evolving responsibilities.

Man working from home.Qualified candidates should be able to manage themselves.

Look for autonomy

When looking for employees who would make great long-term contributions to your company, it's important to identify people who can manage themselves. Employees who need frequent supervision aren't likely to make good managers. You'll want to look for individuals who can self-motivate and work well alone. Of course, the ability to function as a member of a team is also important, so look for a mix of these traits.

Consultant Tracy Maylett, writing in Forbes magazine, explained that trust is a key factor when it comes to employee autonomy. If managers feel that they can trust an employee, they will be less likely to micromanage that employee's daily tasks. You can determine candidates' trustworthiness by asking about key examples from the past. For instance, have candidates initiated their own projects? Did they lead training sessions? Such examples can indicate how much trust previous employers placed in the candidates.

Look for curiosity

To take on new responsibilities as part of a higher role, employees must be willing to learn. Curiosity is an important trait because it shows that candidates are ready to grow professionally. Throughout the interview, ask candidates about the skills they've learned, what drove them to pursue new experiences and what their goals are for the future.

In this case, asking about personal hobbies can show you if a candidate values learning. Taking classes, engaging in community leadership and getting professional certifications all show that a candidate is curious and willing grow.

In other words, qualified candidates are driven, and they shouldn't be afraid to show that in the interview process. Employers that want to make long-term hires should look for signs of adaptability, autonomy and curiosity as they speak with candidates.

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