How to Job Search While on Vacation

Summer is gearing up to be in full swing. That means picnics, parties and vacations. If you’ve been focused on finding a new job, it may be tempting to slow down your efforts a bit. After all, these times are meant for relaxation and fun. Taking a break on your efforts to find a new position, however, can lead to a loss of motivation. Here are some ways to keep the momentum going, even on vacation, in order to have the best chance of finding a position you love.

Keep Networking

They say you should tell everyone you know about your desire to find a new job because opportunities and contacts are everywhere. This is just as true while you’re on holiday. Your new locale can lead to encounters with a variety of people you don’t ordinarily see or have never met. Take advantage of this network expansion by talking to friends you haven’t seen in awhile or the friendly businessman you met at the bar about your employment goals. They just may be the contact who can provide you with a key lead or will put you in touch with their contact at the firm of your dreams. Virtual networking can obviously be done from anywhere, so be sure you’re still reaching out on social media while on vacation. You can do this while having that drink at the bar or when unwinding in your hotel room at night. 

Plan Ahead

It’s even a great idea to set up some networking meetings ahead of time. If you’re an alumni of a college or university, the career services department at your alma mater can provide you with the names of others in your field who have indicated a willingness to network with alumni. You can also search your contacts on social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook to see if any of your contacts live near your vacation destination. It’s fun to meet virtual friends in real life and can solidify relationships. Having coffee with a new contact could lead to a fantastic opportunity or even just a chance to gain insight into your specific job market interests. 

Stay in Contact

It’s true that you need to take time to relax, but during the job search is not the ideal time to drop off the face of the earth completely. If you may have limited access to email on your trip or if you simply choose not to check in, be sure to leave an autoresponder message with alternate ways potential employers can contact you. Provide a cell phone number and a short message letting people know you will be in touch shortly. It would be a shame to miss an excellent opportunity simply because you were taking a break. 

Come Prepared

Don’t leave your job hunting supplies at home when you go on vacation. Bring some copies of your resume and business cards, along with at least one business-appropriate outfit in case you get the chance for some in-person networking. It’s even possible you an unexpected Skype interview could land in your lap. So it’s always a smart idea to be prepared. 

Schedule Search Time

The search for a new career truly can be like a job in itself. This is especially true if you are currently unemployed. Just as you would schedule work projects, be sure to purposefully set a time for job hunting activities. Even while on vacation, you can plan to spend an hour or so perusing job boards or sending out resumes. Doing so can give you a sense of accomplishment and will maintain the momentum you’ve previously built toward finding the perfect position. 

Engage in Self Reflection

Vacation is actually a perfect time to assess your personal and career goals. While your mind is in such a relaxed state, let it wander. Think about what your ideal job may look like, consider the unique qualities you possess that make you a good fit for such a position and jot down ideas for strategies to pursue when you get home. Vacations offer a new perspective and can put you in an ideal frame of mind for creativity and idea generation. Take advantage of this time to focus your goals and to gain a clear vision of your personal brand.

Are you surprised at just how many ways there are to job search while on vacation? These activities don’t have to cut into your relaxation and fun time. In fact, your retreat can actually be an ideal opportunity to add energy and new direction to your pursuit of a new career direction.