Adding Video Interviews To The Hiring Process

Adding Video Interviews to the Hiring Process

These days, video is everywhere. More and more of the content we consume on a daily basis come in a video format and it has become a common form of live communication. In fact, a report from Cisco predicted that video will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2021, up from 73 percent in 2016.

Adding a video element to the hiring process has been cost prohibitive until now. Today, anyone with a phone or laptop has the capability to produce a high-definition recording without trouble. Soon, video could become a staple of your organization's hiring workflow.

Understanding the benefits of a video interview

When you receive a stack of resumes and cover letters, it's a highly time-consuming task to read through each one carefully. Perusing these documents for relevant information not only takes time, but also demands a thorough understanding of the job in question. Often, a hiring manager is too busy to read through stacks of resumes and the HR department isn't as familiar with the open position.

This paradigm can create a bottleneck in the hiring process. However, the rise of video has introduced a possible solution. Requiring candidates to submit a brief video describing themselves as professionals can streamline the hiring process and make it easier to decide between candidates during the initial screening round.

Traditionally, a member of the HR department conducts a phone interview to screen candidates. This task is quite time-consuming and can ultimately prolong the search. A pre-recorded video interview removes this barrier, allowing hiring managers to watch a dozen videos in the time it would take to conduct a phone interview with one or two candidates.

This solution helps hiring managers to make a more informed decision on a smaller time-scale. By watching a brief video of each candidate, managers can immediately determine which individuals they want to meet face-to-face. Plus, the pre-recorded nature of the video means that managers see a comfortable candidate, not a nervous one.

Video makes it easy to learn about candidates.Video makes it easy to learn about candidates.

Adding video to the hiring process

When you work with a staffing agency such as EBC Associates, adding a video component to your hiring workflow is simple: All you have to do is ask!

Candidates who work with EBC Associates are asked to record themselves answering 10 basic questions. These are the same questions that would typically be asked during a screening phone interview. For example, candidates are asked to describe the type of work environment that most appeals to them. The video gives candidates time to seriously consider their answers, so they can make informed answers.

Each video is only a few minutes long, so employers can watch several in a row, compare candidates and decide who they would like to interview in person. This saves everyone time, including the candidates.

If you're interested in leveraging video to make more informed hiring decisions, reach out to the expert consultants at EBC Associates today.