Job search 2020: Which positions will have the highest demand?

Job search 2020: Which positions will have the highest demand?

As the economy grows, new technologies come to market and consumer needs change, the demand for certain positions rises and falls. Savvy job seekers keep a finger on the pulse of the jobs market to determine how best to make their next career move.

Here are seven jobs that are likely to be in demand at the turn of the next decade, along with relevant information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Biomedical engineers

BLS growth estimate: 7 percent
Salary estimate: $88,040

As a significant portion of the population reaches retirement age, the demand for advanced medical treatment grows. Biomedical engineers design products and devices that drive value for patients. There's a lot of variety within the profession. Some biomedical engineers design artificial organs and others work in software development.

Data analysts

BLS growth estimate: 27 percent
Salary estimate: $81,390

Today's businesses collect and store data of a variety of types: Financial information, market analysis, logistics and operations benchmarks, etc. The data analyst's job is to generate value from that data by using it to inform future business decisions. Often, professionals in the field are specialized to a specific type of data.

Specialized sales managers

BLS growth estimate: 7 percent
Salary estimate: $121,060

Sales managers not only oversee a team of sales representatives but also make decisions regarding policies and company objectives. As technology products and services become more complex, organizations want sales managers who possess special industry knowledge. In other words, specialized sales managers need to know their products inside and out.

Marketing managers

BLS growth estimate: 10 percent
Salary estimate: $129,000

Marketing managers are responsible for strategizing how to present their company's unique brand in the marketplace. These days, marketing efforts rely on many channels, from direct-to-consumer advertisements to search engine optimization. Marketing managers need to be able to adapt to changing market conditions on the fly.

A person working at a computer.New technologies open the door for exciting new types of work.

Computer hardware engineers

BLS growth estimate: 5 percent
Salary estimate: $115,120

In a world where everyone has multiple devices, hardware engineers lead the way in innovation. They allow software engineers to design and develop the digital experiences that make up an increasingly larger part of our lives. Hardware engineers design, model and analyze new products as well as oversee fabrication of their designs.

Network analysts

BLS growth estimate: 6 percent
Salary estimate: $81,100

Today's organizations rely on digital networks to transmit data and process complex operations. Network analysts install and maintain the network components that everyone in the company uses on a daily basis. This position could be specialized to internal networks or may focus on cloud solutions.


BLS growth estimate: 21 percent
Salary estimate: $75,920

According to the Hearing Health Foundation, 48 million Americans live with hearing loss. Audiologists help patients prevent further loss of hearing and improve their current level of hearing with cochlear implants and hearing aids. Audiologists specialize in geriatrics, pediatrics, research or surgery.

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