Recruitment firms: Your allies in a job-seeker’s market

Business is booming. Recently, hiring has spiked amid improved corporate profitability and increased interest in organizational restructuring, both of which drive clientele to seek out boutique agencies that understand their industries well enough to capably vet viable candidates.

Unemployment is really, really low

Aside from a small increase from May to June this year, unemployment hasn’t been as low as it is right now (4.4 percent) in a decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With fewer people looking for jobs, however, many businesses in need of high-value hires have struggled to fill open positions with applicants who meet their specific criteria for leadership. At the same time, they know the longer they spend getting by with unfilled vacancies, the more money they throw away from internal operational deficiencies.

Filling an open position with the wrong candidate, on the other hand, is as detrimental to the financial and operational well-being of a business as hiring no one at all. It is a risk that compounds when attempting to staff senior-level management or recruit executives, not to mention its impact on overall company turnover.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no one worth recruiting

Recruitment agencies specialize in high-quality staffing regardless of the state of employment. Even with a shallow job market, recruiters have made it their mission to analyze the culture of their client businesses, track down active and passive candidates with applicable skill sets, leverage emergent technology and utilize all types of applicant and personality data during the recruitment process to minimize the threat of an ill-fitting hire.

Recruiters will be of particular use to industries that continue to add thousands of jobs. These four industries have seen tremendous job growth as of late:

  • Health care
  • Professional services
  • Financial services
  • Nonprofit/philanthropy

As these industries look to staff qualified individuals to fill these new jobs, many of the organizations therein will no doubt turn to recruiters. In turn, recruitment experts will continue to provide highly qualified candidates in their areas and work with clients to staff intelligently as their needs progress.