have you ever been ghosted - showing a "for hire" light in a dark room

The Sounds of Silence…Have you ever been ghosted?

A candidate spends weeks prepping for an interview, researching the company, and following the hiring protocol. After, they feel the interview went very well. They are told that they will hear back in the next few days. Then, the sounds of……..silence?

There is no clear and definitive way to know the reason for ghosting. How to avoid the sounds of silence? Ask questions such as: What is the decision process and how is the decision made? What is your timeline and when do you expect to reach a decision? What are the next steps? What is the best way for me to follow up? Email? Phone? Hiring managers please be transparent either way….contact candidates after the interview and let them know why they are or aren’t the right fit for the role. They can take the feedback if it’s a No! For candidates in today’s job market – always take a few minutes to communicate your decision for not moving forward. Don’t just disappear! It’s imperative that you always leave the door open for future opportunities and consideration.

Communication is key in this hiring process world. You actually might need that runner-up candidate that you ghosted – but will they even give you the time of day? So don’t be that person – have you ever been ghosted?