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Why does hiring take so long, and how to optimize your process?

Recruiting has a lot of moving parts and is extremely complex. Only 30% of companies are able to fill an open role within 30 days. The remaining 70% take anywhere from 1-4 months to process a new hire. A long time-to-hire process significantly raises the cost of your hiring, as well as you will lose interest from top candidates you are considering. To optimize and streamline your process, start with a hire by date of when you want the candidate to start the job, and put action steps in place to back into that. Use metrics to track the speed at which candidates move through the interview stages, and identify areas that bottleneck the process. Have realistic expectations about identifying the right skill set required for the role, and build an engaging interview process that provides a consistent positive experience for the candidate. When the candidate has been selected, move promptly to offer a competitive salary, and have an employee onboarding checklist in place. Fast hiring decisions will impress top candidates and gives them an indication of how your company is run. Hiring faster does not mean making a compromise and settling – just have an efficient plan in place, stick to it, and be decisive!